Designed with you in mind

With our 20 years’ service to the hospitality industry, we understand what is important to your hotel.
acomos™ uses this knowledge to specifically meet your three key needs:

Increase Revenue

  • Manage your rates, occupancy and special offers automatically and through your own website, online travel agents and social media.
  • Customise where your bookings are coming from with their own rate plans, billing formats and special notes. Track rate performance in real-time so that you know which booking agents or promotions are working for you.


  • Save preferences for your guests, and add personalised notes to their account including special terms.
  • Charge in room services, restaurant bookings and room rates all on one bill and keep accounts tidy using tracked purchases.
  • Personalise confirmations, welcome letters, text reminders and follow up emails to match your brand.

Simple Hotel Management

  • Look after your guests from booking to departure from one single screen.
  • Guest booking updates in one click drop downs.
  • Create ‘to do’ lists for you and your colleagues to share updates and coordinate tasks.

Engineered with agility

Every hotel is unique and with this is a need for your software services to be agile.

As your hotel develops new event, leisure or restaurant services acomos™ is engineered to accommodate your changing business model with simple switch-on functionality and minimum disruption.

Booking Engine

Allow your guests to access your hotel from anywhere in the world and receive commission-free bookings directly from your website.

StayBooked™ connects directly to the acomos™ PMS. When you receive a booking your inventory levels will be automatically updated on your PMS.

Channel Manager

Manage your inventory across online distribution channels with simplicity and accuracy. The acomos™ channel manager is fully integrated with the acomos™ PMS to offer real-time availability and automatic inventory updates. Say goodbye to over-bookings and double-bookings.

Ready to try?

If true hospitality is what you crave, move over to acomos today; stay
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